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Cherry Company’s Philosophy for 2016

“To accomplish both physical, and moral support for our clients, and employees”

To accomplish our goal, we will clarify our objectives so we may maximize gross revenues, and minimize our excess spending.

By meeting our objectives of optimizing valued company assets, we would like to make a contribution back to our stockholder, to the community, to our valued customers. and to our employees,
Our Primary objectives are to improve and optimize our 6 development teams; to set and meet campaign strategies.

6 team approach to success

  1. Sake Development Team
  2. Food Development Team
  3. Retail Development Team
  4. Non Food Supply Team
  5. Accounting Team
  6. Sales Promotion Team

We try to place ourselves in our clients’ situation, so we may better improve our service, and products. By doing so we would like to bridge the culinary cultures of Japan and Hawaii closer; and in the process, display our leadership abilities in our business field.

One of our motto’s, and valued principles here at cherry company is to the make the right decision, always.

We will continue to acquire exciting, new products for our customers. As for our Liquor products, search for new top distillery Sake, Shochu and Beer brands. As for our Dry food products, rice, miso, soy sauce, cooking oil, vinegar, flour and others. As for our frozen/chilled products, quality meat, fish, and other processed products we will strive to acquire. We will also continue to provide a wide variety of Non-food items, including utensils, chinaware, etc.

In a continuous effort to better serve our clients we at Cherry company will strive to better our service and products. We are honored to have the continued patronage of our loyal customers.

2016 Events

  • 19th Annual Cherry Company Food Show held at the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki on Wednesday June 15, 2016.
  • 28th Annual Cherry Company Golf Tournament held at Hawaii Prince Golf Club on Wednesday September 21, 2016

Teru  Kishiimr.kishii
The Cherry Co.,  Ltd

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