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What is soy sauce

What is SOY SAUCE?

Soy Sauce or Shoyu in Japanese is a brewed sauce, made from roughly equal amounts of soy beans, wheat, water, and salt. It’s the number one sauce in Asian cuisine, and suitable for a variety of international dishes. Just a tad adds an accent to liven up many ingredients.

Shoyu comes in several varieties in addition to the standard soy sauce:

LESS SALT SOY SAUCE offers a rich flavor, at a reduced sodium content.

USUKUCHI SHOYU means “light colored soy sauce”, used to impart flavor without discoloring the ingredients in the dish.  Suitable for dishes with Nimono vegetables, white fish, and Shiru-Mono soups. Usukuchi is a staple for the Kansai (western Japan) style of cooking. Despite its deceivingly light coloring, Usukuchi Shoyu contains the same sodium content as regular Shoyu.

SASHIMI SHOYU is formulated specially for use with sashimi.  It has a thicker texture to adhere to the foods.

TAMARI SHOYU contains much more soybeans, and less wheat ingredients, yielding a much darker color and stronger flavor. Tamari is best for Teriyaki and Kabayaki sauces.

SHIRO SHOYU is an almost clear colored, slightly sweet soy sauce, made of mostly wheat and less soybean ingredients. Due to the transparent color, it doesn’t distract from the flavor or color of the original food ingredient. Mostly used with Nimono and Chawanmushi.

Less Salt Soy Sauce by: Yamasa
Usukuchi Soy Sauce by: Higashimaru, Yamasa , Kikkoman
Sashimi Shoyu by: Morita, Yamasa
Tamari Shoyu by: Sekigahara, Yamasa
Shiro Shoyu by: Yamashin,

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