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Tea & Coffee

What is OCHA:

OCHA, or Japanese gree tea, is the traditions-old beverage accompaniment to Japanese foods. There are several types depending on how the tea plant is grown and on the portions used.

MATCHA is a powdered green tea used for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Today, it’s also used for food preparations, especially in desserts. Matcha is made by finely grinding Gyokuro tea leaves.

GYOKURO a premium tea of young and tender tea sprouts, grown with minimal sunlight that yields a slighly sweet and delicate flavor.

SENCHA or sometimes called Ryokucha is the most common, brewed of sun-grown tea leaves. Younger leaves produce higher premium grade tea.

HOJI TEA which are roasted, then brewed to a rish golden color. As a result of roasting, Hoji tea contains less caffeine.

GENMAI TEA is a blend of Sancha and roasted brown rice. The rice addition yields a mild and plasantly toasty aroma.

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Home > Food & Beverages > Tea & Coffee

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