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What is Miso

What is Miso:
Miso is a fermented soybean paste, the base flavoring ingredient for Miso soup. It’s made of soy beans, salt, and Koji malt. This all-purpose seasoning is used in making saces and dips, as amarinade, and of course, soups.

SHIRO MISO – the white Miso is the most popular type. It has a yellowish-white color, and is characterized by a refreshing, slightly sweet taste.

AKA MISO – the red Miso is aged for a longer period, thus the darker-reddish color. The flavor is fuller with more Koku and Umami (savory and rich). Although less sweet tasting compared to Shiro Miso, they both contain the same amount of sodium.

HATCHO MISO – this is an even longer aged Miso. with more pronounced aroma and flavor. The color is almost black.

KOJI MISO – the malted rice Miso contains more of the malted Koji ingredient. Koji Miso is delicately swee, yet offers a plsantly rish flavor.

GENMAI MISO – the brown rice Miso offers more vitamin and fiber.

KIZANJI MISO – uses roasted soybeans, wheat and vegetables such as eggplants and lotus roots. This is chunky Miso, used primarily for dips or sauce base.

HISHIHO MISO – is similar to Kinzanji Miso, but is fermented with an addtion of chili pepper powder and ginger flovorings.

KYOZAKURA MISO – is a gourmet red Miso, a combination of select rice Miso and Natto Miso. Aged inle for two month, this is a light Miso, and is a good accomaniment to Chinese foods and meaty dished.

TSUBU MISO – can be any type of Miso which still retains the chunky texture of the original ingredients.

Shiro Miso by: Miyako Oriental, Yamajirushi, Cold Mountain, Kanemasa
Aka Miso by: Miyako Oriental, Yamajirushi, Cold Mountain, Marusan, San-jirushi

Home > Food & Beverages > Miso

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