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what is sushi rice

SUSHI RICE is a medium-grain, Japonica strain of white rice (New Rose, Miyako). As opposed to the American, long-grain varieties, medium-grain is more sticky and better retains moisture which is of utmost importance in preparing rice for sushi. Recently, short-grain or Tanryu-Mai varieties (Matsuri) that are closer to rice grown in Japan, have become available.

Technically, Sushi Rice falls under the “non-sticky” category called Uruchi-Mai.  There is a truly sticky category of rice called Mochi-Gome (Oriental Mascot). This glutinous rice is extremely sticky and is commonly used for Mochi and Japanese sweets.

White Rice by: New Rose, Miyako, Matsuri, Koshihikari
Brown Rice by: Matsuri
Matsuri rice pic
Sweet Rice by: Oriental Mascot

Home > Food & Beverages > Rice

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