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What is Rice Vinegar

What is Rice Vinegar?

RICE VINEGAR – or Kome Su is a brewed rice vinegar which has a mild flavor and is slightly sweet. Naturally, it’s a perfect flavor match to make Sushi rice.

GRAIN VINEGAR – is defined as a vinegar containing more than 40 grams of grain per one liter. The clean taste is most suitable for Japanese cuisine, and adaptable for Western and Chinese dishes.

BLENDED VINEGAR – is a mixture of grain and rice vinegar. This has a wide range of applications.

– is ready-to-use, pre-mixed vinegar for Sushi rice. The Kansai Western Japan style is a sweeter blend than the Kanto Eastern Japan style.

Rice Vinegar by : Mizkan, Yokoi
Grain Vinegar by: Mizkan, Yokoi
Blended Vinegar by: Mizkan
Sushi Vinegar by : Miyako, Mizkan

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